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Central Decatur Schools offer quality academic education for grades Kindergarten through grade 12. A new Junior/Senior High School, dedicated in 1985, and new addition to our grade school in 1989, have kept our educational facilities modern and updated. Our school system offers a great sports program including football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, wrestling, softball, track, cross country, and golf. The Music program includes: a marching band, concert band, jazz band, chorus and swing choir. The drama club performs theater productions two to three times a year. Although the Central Decatur schools are located in Leon, the district comprises students from many towns. These include Decatur City, Grand River, Davis City, and Pleasanton. The district covers over 60% of Decatur County. Our schools have been recently updated to provide an academic environment ready for the ever-changing world. The Central Decatur Schools emphasize the dignity and worth of each child. All district programs are directed toward helping each child succeed.

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  • Central Decatur School District
    Jr-Sr High School Office
    Supt. & Business Office
    1201 NE Poplar St
    Leon, IA 50144-1246
    Phone: (641) 446-4816

  • South Elementary
    201 SE 6th St
    Leon, IA 50144
    Phone: (641) 446-6521

  • North Elementary
    1203 NE Poplar St.
    Leon, Ia. 50144
    Phone: 9641-446-4452

  • Head Start
    Phone: (641) 446-6637

  • Early Head Start Building Blocks
    Phone: (641) 446-8050

  • Developmental Preschool
    Phone: (641) 446-4102
    1403 NW Church St
    Leon, IA 50144

  • Preschool Leon Teddy Bears
    1302 NW Church St
    Leon, IA 50144-1264
    Phone: (641) 446-6293

  • Franklin Christian Day School
    25905 Perry Rd
    Leon, IA 50144-1493
    Phone: (641) 446-6615